“Wait !! I have to give birth to h. brown !!”


One of those great long days yesterday that had this ole daw crashed out at 8am and ready for a new day’s work at 2am.

I like working the ‘Witching Hour’ (3 to 4am to me) and it likes me.

I was going over some old photos and there’s one of my mom at around 7 or 8 standing for some reason or other a few feet from the rest of the group in the family photo.

What is it with my ancestors and log cabins ?

Amazing how little my people gave a shit about architectural beauty.

You don’t see big coffee table books showing the great mansions of Ireland.


So, I was remembering something mom told me.

"I was born in 1914 and got the Spanish Flu and died."

"They put me up on the top of the piano which they used to do for an infant and starting taking turns sitting next to me which is tradition in most cultures to see if the person wakes up."

"I woke up."

That’s a pretty harrowing story and no one ever made much of it.

She continued.

"I always figured God sent me back so that I could have you kids."

Whew !!

That was a close call.


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