You gonna give SFUSD a Billion Dollars … then, they gotta sell Land !!


This one is as easy to see coming down the road as Chicken John’s grease burning truck.

SF Real Estate has always taken the long view on attaining Public Land.

They’ve waited 40 years since Mitch Katz began moving permanently disabled gang bangers in to live with the oldsters who couldn’t defend themselves and while the gang patients weren’t robust, their visitors were in the vicinity when a pair of oldsters ‘jumped out windows’ of their own volition.

I understand one oldster died right after changing the channel for a regular program the regular patients were watching but a gangster disagreed.

Another death, it was testified came over a pack of cigarettes.

So, SF Real Estate is patient and dreams of changing laws and electing politicians who’ll pass over valuable like the Laguna Honda Alms House Tract Relief Home land are coming true.

This might take another ten or twenty years but there will be Market Rate development of some sort at the Laguna Honda Site.

It will only take a month or so after the ‘Breed’s Billion Dollar Baby’ crashes and burns at the polls that a somber SFUSD announces they’ll have to be auctioning off some property they;ve owned for a hundred years.

Hell, Feinstein’s hubby, Dick Blum sold a hundred million of the District’s property not that long ago.

Like everything in SF, campers … it’s all about Real Estate.

As Charles Bukowski once wrote sagely …

"The best friend of art is ‘Cheap Rent’.

Go Niners !!


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