Chuck Todd suggest Secretary of State Blackmail Elon Musk into backing Ukraine more fully


I was just watching this talk atween Joe Rogan and Matt Taibbi this morning and it turned to how fast the Washington establishment could turn someone from Hero to Villain in a short time and the case of Elon Musk came up.

Now that Elon owns Twitter and has given Matt Taibbi free reign to graze over their Executive Files or whatever the fuck they call them.

First headline I saw was that Adam Schiff has an Enemies List and that Twitter was negotiating about which reporters were to be de-platformed or canelled or, once again, whatever the fuck they call it now.

Soooo, seeing there’s more where that came from and that Musk let Trump aboard.

That’s interesting question.

I wonder if Twitter will allow me to post now ??

So, I heard that conversation afore I went to pick up Trash with Manny’s Disco Sunday morning 10 am gathering and the hood never looked cleaner, thank you once again Manny Yekutiel who is a Zionist and I am a Palestinian sympathizer but we don’t ban one another.

So, I’m watching Meet the Press and here comes Chuck Todd doing exactly what Joe and Taibbi were talking about this morning on my feed.

Chuck starts into how to discredit Musk from yet another angle.

The Star Link Program that Musk gave to Ukraine for Free (guess how often Raytheon works for Free?) …

So, Musk gives this Star Link capability to the Ukrainians when they most desperately needed it and he gave it to them, RIGHT NOW !!

Cause he owns the places like Space X and Star link and Tesla he can make calls like that instantly and enforce them.

If you think I’m going to tell you that Chuck Todd talked about that with the Secretary of State of the United States of America you’d be really wrong.


What Todd did was say something like:

"I heard that Elon Musk wants Ukraine to pay for using his Star Link Network.
Doesn’t the government have Space X contracts with Musk they could threaten to cancel if he doesn’t come around more fully on Ukraine’s side ??"

Dude, talk about going beyond censorship.

Is it even Legal, what Todd did ??

He suggested that the Key Player in our Space Industry be blackballed ??!!??

I’ll go back an link it to my Dawg site now …

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