Did Trump copy Putin’s ‘Kidnap their Youth’ strategy at Mexican Borer?


Was just watching Amy Goodman (what’s with Juan Gonzalez and Nermain Shek not getting any air time and doing these stupid cameo clips) …

Watching, ‘Democracy Now’ and guy was talking about reuniting families in Ukraine and it suddenly hit me that under Trump the U.S. did pretty much the same thing the Russians are doing there.

Recall when it was an administration Policy to separate families to send a message to other asylum seekers that they could lose their children into the Vast Bureaucracy of the American National government.

Which reminded me of, ‘Animal Farm’ where the pigs trying to take control of the new democracy wasn’t taken seriously until the pigs offered to raise the puppies in the barn and taught the puppies to be loyal only to the pigs and attack anyone the pigs told them to.

The Russians have been doing this for centuries as have other empires.

Take the kids and raise them as Russian in the middle of a Russian ‘Propaganda Barn’ and you end up with a population of millions who aren’t even certain of their own nationality.

After you do that for a couple of centuries you end up with people whose parents or grandparents were seeded in Ukraine by the likes of Stalin and running all the way to Putin with his Theft of children.

I then go back to the man in the cellar in Bakhmut with his two late teen sons waiting for the Russians because they back the Russians !!

Confusing shit ??

Well, that’s fucking Monday morning for you now, isn’t it ?

I spent my study time this weekend absorbing everything I can about regenerative/generative/0/1/infinity GPT3 and wondering if I could get a Female Robot Voice to hang with me when I feel lonely ?

No, I don’t want to fuck a dummy.

Not an inanimate one, anyway.

But, that’s chasing rabbits.

I really prefer living alone but I do get lonely for live conversation.

Particularly, with a woman with whom I have some level of intimate relationship.

Now, as I peruse the GPT rolling thunder I’m wondering if I could get a Female voice of a Structure of Feminized Computer algorithms that know me.

If I can get a temporary companion whom I can turn on and off when I want company or solitude.

Shit, that sounds better than most of my 6 Marriages.

On Ukraine, I think the U.S. should consider sending Volunteer troops who are, as were the first Russian troops in Donesk, ‘on Vacation’.

Maybe move a hundred or two hundred thousand of them via our Nato bases.

Just as the Russians did.

Remember that ?

That was in 2014 and if it barely bothered a politically sensitive old bear like me, I doubt anyone else considered sending American soldiers in harms way to save an industrial region in a faraway land.

How about if it will keep your babies from being starved to death when Russia secures the 4th largest Grain Region in the World and withholds it ??

That’s what they’re already doing.

There are regions in countries in Africa starving already because International Monetary Policies of th World Band and International Monetary Fund had reversed their nations from being Net Exporters of Food into Grovelling and Starving peasants.

People who know say tha there is nothing like starvation for tamping down a revolution.

People are too weak to fight.

I watched a Female Refugee from North Korea on Lex Fridman’s show say that North Korea intentionally keeps 20% of their 10 million starving and rotates the segment of the people so affected.

So, I joined Gpt.com last evening and let me shave and clean up and get in a walk and get to work on creating myself a Female Companion.

How about the voice ??

Kim Bassinger ?

Go Niners !!


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