Are you Tomorrow’s Sir Lancelot ??


Just did first night of Manny Yeukitel’s week of ‘Homeless Study School SF’.

He filled the house with around two hundred to two hundred fifty.

Lots more under 40 than I expected.

I’d guess 60% and, say, 30% 40 to 50 and last 10% there to me at 78.

One speaker with Manny as Moderator I guess …

‘Interview’ that it ?

A lady physician and I got there late and missed her title.

She just kept kinda throwing up her hands and saying, "There just isn’t enough space."

Bullshit, there’s Treasure Island mandated for Alleviating Poverty or some such language in the contract San Francisco signed with the Navy when they took over the two islands and started pencilling out luxury hotels and condos fast as they could.

From Willie Brown who first took control of the property to Gavin Newsom who signed it over to Platinum Advisers …

Willie tore down all of the barracks where they could have lived.

He tore down the dispensary.

And, the chow halls.

And, even the Brig.

Gavin double-crossed Tony Hall who was briefly in charge of the Project for blowing the whistle on how much the Gavster’s people were ‘skimming’.

This time, not just Major Local Media but also every single alternative voice except mine has ignored the existence of the gangsters at TIDA, treading water until some kind of CALPERS or government guaranteed financing is available at not just Zero Risk but also (these people really get these kinds of ‘cost plus’ things) …

Not just Zero Risk but you get a Guaranteed Profit no matter how fucking much you spend.

Plus, you get to build on land designated for the poor and disabled.

Kinda like Laguna Honda is, ‘pencilling out’.

So, I forget the name of Sir Lancelot’s Drill Sergeant or whatever but he was kinda like Robert Duvall in ‘Days of Thunder’.

He’d been to the big time as best Racing coach in NASCAR and knew every player and car.

In T.H. White’s, ‘Once and Future King’, the Medievil Coach retired to the wilds of France and kept his hand in by developing the most amazing talent he’d ever seen.

Guy was like Matt Gonzalez in 2003.

Or, Chesa Boudin in 2000.

Lancelot had never even seen another knight and he trained for years and years over and over and he was a Natural anyway.

So, finally, ‘Coach’ takes the kid across the Channel to meet the competition.


Coach surveyed and All of the Best were suited up.

Lancelot turned to face his first mounted competitor.

The Coach smiled.

Only he knew what was about to Happen.

Lance destroyed the Best in Every Combat !!

He was 17.

Go Niners !!

I was very very pleased as a retired Behavior Teacher that so many young care.

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