“I got tired of seeing the only person picking up trash was a burned-out old Hippie.”


The lead is a quote from a really good guy named Vince who has done sixty talks like this he said.

Must be gonna run for Supervisor ?

Anyway, I think the "old hippie" phrase is OK but prefacing it with "burned-out" is a bit gratuitous and even Aegist.


Another Full Night for Manny’s ‘Homeless’ symposium.

He should run for Supervisor too.

Fact, I told him so.

Even offered to run with him.

By running against him sort of.

I’m not certain what my strategy is these days.

I do know I’ve had a great week for seeing old friends.

I took 3 videos so far this week and I’ll get Tony to upload them Saturday.

I better write him about the change in weekend plans.

Now probably best time.

see you

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