Ukraine, Patents and Nobel Prizes


Just listening to a 45 minute tutorial on Life of Isaac Newton and they were talking about how he invented Calculus but didn’t take credit for it so missed some Prize and it got me to thinking.

Who invented dynamite ?

I know that I heard (how much of our knowledge is from what we ‘hear’ and how much from what we ‘read’ adn how much from what we ‘watch’ ? – justa thot) …

I heard that the guy who invented dynamite felt so bad about it that he used part of the proceeds from his patent to create the Nobel Prize.


If the patent’s still valid then the Ukraine ‘Police Action’ should be filling their coffers.

I think that the Russian Military Machine must be crushed in Ukraine.

Even at the risk of nuclear war.

Which is worth it to maintain African/European Access to Europe’s most Fertile Bread Basket.

Next to Nuclear War …

Starvation is the World’s next most horrible death and it is happening NOW !!

Think of what it will be like in 20 years with Russians as Gatekeepers.

Go Niners !!


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