As Dawg predicted, Downtown Realtors coming for SFUSD Property


A decade or so back Dianne Feinstein’s hubby, Dick Blum was fortunate enough to get exclusive rights to sell a hundred million dollars worth of SFUSD property.

I said at the time that he’d be back for more.

I was wrong.

He died.

But, has been replaced with the next model of the never ending greedy realtor.

This time there’s a Feint in the process.

They get an inspection that (much as they did at Laguna Honda) says that the place just isn’t up to snuff so it has to be repaired and that’s gonna cost, oh, let’s say a Billion dollars cause there is no way in the World that the voters of San Francisco are gonna go in hock for SFUSD and they fucking know it.

That’s the Feint.

See if I ain’t right when after the Billion dollar Bond fails that they don’t say that they have to sell some of their property to make some of the repairs.

It’s all bullshit.

Who’s gonna get to cut this fat pig ?

Well, Blum is gone and Hellman is gone and Walter Shorenstein is gone.

Any of em have a kid follow them into the Family business ?

That one.

Go Niners !!


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