Does America have a ‘Death Ray’ ??


I watch lots of military TV.

Old vets do that.

Just ordered a Unit Patch for the illegal Naval Station in Morocco where I was assigned for a year and a half.

Old vets do that kind of thing.

I’ve ordered a couple of more patches for my other duty stations and plan to sew them on my Army field jacket because I don’t have a Navy one.

Dumped all my uniform clothes I didn’t give to two tall lean blondes (Joyce and Jane jane) at SW Mo. State more than a half century ago.

Wonder what the psychology of retreating back all of those years and suddenly being proud of the work you did for U.S. Imperialism?

Well, not the work I did.

There wasn’t a single gunshot from the time my Class A Radio Schhool at Norfolk was evacuated to sea in a motley armada that ranged from Nuclear Attack Submarines down to our WWII Tank Landing ship that had been welded to the docks and used as a shop.

I think it’s fear of death.

Same thing that caused the birth of Religion in my mind’s eye.

"You can’t touch me, Death, cause I’ve got all these guys and gals in uniform surrounding me !!"

Could be.

But, I’m chasing rabbits again at half past two in the morning.

Up at 3am yesterday to prepare for the meeting with the Dermatologist to look at my progress on treating my own cases of sunspots and freckles with acid burns that hurt like hell for a month or more can you believe what we’ll do to live a bit longer.

No cancer call from the doctors and by 7pm I crawled (actually, I ‘bounce’
from one piece of furniture to another to the bed, yuh know ?

Up at half past one and treating my facial wounds and watching more about the war in Ukraine and potential war in Taiwan.

I always come back to nuclear subs as ultimate weapon and I may be wrong.

Let me school you on a couple of things first.

1. The biggest military development shown to the World over the last decade at least has been the Russian (rumored, Chinese too) have developed, deployed and now used against Ukraine, a missile that can travel 6,000 miles an hour.

Fire one of those babies from a couple of hundred miles out in the Atlantic at the American capitol in Washington D.C. and there would not be any time for the White House to react.

Sobering thought ?

Wait, we can actually function well militarily w/out the President and Congress.

And ?

Our incoming warheads go 26,000 miles and hour.

Plus, they deploy thousands of dummy targets around them as they approach.

Mutually Assured Destruction.

Still, the Russians have used this Next Generation Missile in Ukraine and tho the American Public is oblivious to the seriousness of this fact due to their diet of Filtered Reality we’re fed.

And, now finally, I’m gonna get to the point.

As I said, I’ve been watching lots of military observers comment on what the introduction of this new weapon (they were thought to have 16 and they used 6 of those) …

what it means

Suddenly, some screaming retired looney sounding guy (I know, kettle/pot) …

This Retired General or Colonel or something comes on a screams something to the effect of …

"That’s nothing !!!

Wait til we use our Laser !!!

You got 6,000 mph ?

We got 186,000 miles a second !! "

Now, that’s some claim.

And, it could be true.

But, how powerful could it be and how large is the launch vehicle ?

The Kremlin would be gone in the blink of an eye.

With none of that nasty radiation.

What genie hath the Russians forced us to free from its Los Alamos bottle ?

Or, maybe the guy was just a blowhard spouting shit.

I’ll admit I’ve done that myself upon occasion.

Mostly in Public for maximum effect.

On the other hand.

We have been working on a Laser Weapon for 50 years.

I’m gonna have to ask my Chat GPT 3 what she thinks about this.

Soon as I build her.

Thinking of a Kim Bassinger-like voice for her.

Go Niners !


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