Another funny Suicide story


About 50 years ago a friend told me how she’d once tried to off herself.

"I was feeling so depressed about my weight mostly that I just went ahead and took a whole bottle of sleeping pills."

I leaned forward to hear better.

"Woke up two days later feeling better rested than anytime in my life."

Her weight drove her to it.

Her weight saved her.

Went on and had at least one kid and lived happily ever after for all I know cause she’s like so many of the thousand friends I couldn’t find with a fucking Geiger Counter.

Sam Darnold’s the quarterback to replace Garropolo.

What a break !

I mean, the Niners have had one hell of a Combine period.

I was afraid we’d lose our center whatshisname but we didn’t.

Can’t wait to see some Lynch/Shanahan magic in the Draft.

When the fuck’s the Draft by the way ?

I’ve locked into David Lombardi as my Niners info connection.

Young and energetic and did you see the time he was talking Niners football at someone’s ranch in Kentucky or Indiana was it …

He’s standing by a fence away from the house and this horse comes up aside him and sticks its head over the fence for a rub.

David just talks to horse a bit and then this other ‘Senior’ Mare comes over and nudges the first one out irritably.

He does a show driving down the interstate alone commenting on what a good driver he is while reading and replying verbally to viers questions.

Did a show in a completely driverless cab in the rain.

Always gives you a shot of a cross-section of whatever he’s eating.

So reminds me of John Madden.

My face is healing nicely and pain mostly gone and think I’ve turned corner.

Something else will have to kill me.

Line forms to left behind Sam Lauter.



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