Little Kangaroo with dixie cap and boxing gloves from my Navy Unit


As old men are prone to do I’ve ordered and received unit patches from the time I spent in the Military.

The Beach Jumper Unit 2 Naval Special Warfare Group sticker I have posted here is from a small group of under a hundred I believe with which I served in 1964 thru my joyous discharge in 1965.

It was a fun group that had units of about 5 guys who combined skills to basically make an enemy think that we were a much bigger force and draw their forces toward us instead of the main attack group.

Solid Plan ?

It means we were Trying to get killed far as I could figure.

Never complained.

Thought never crossed my mind.

Loved lots ot it.

Getting lowered from a helicopter onto ships in choppy seas.

High Line transfers between ships at sea and always getting dipped for fun.

Typing really fast and setting up communications relays.

Jacking off German Shepherd dogs.


Say, … huh ?

Yeah, when I arrived at BJU 2 it was dark and there was no guard or anything.

Just an old bosun’s mate with his back to me petting his dog.

As I got closer I realized he was masturbating his dog.

Dog wasn’t complaining.

He glanced back at me and I realized he Was the Night Watch.

"Makes em Loyal."

That was his curt observation as he pointed to the entire shebang of two maybe twenty by fifty foot buildings built into the water at Little Creek Naval Station.

So, later I’ll tell you some of the things we did.

Old guy with dog turned out to be a chunky little frogman who could swim ten miles carrying explosives and mine a ship.

And, I’m planning on tracking down a sew-on patch with same logo.

Go Niners !!


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