“We will know that AI has taken charge when our weapons cease to work.” Dawg


I’ve been spending like a hundred or two hundred or whatever hours cause I’m quick but not super smart and been trying to figure out AI.

I was telling a friend that far as I can figure that we are going to reach a point in the next ten years when AI (if Ray whatsizname is right) …

at a certain point things will suddenly go over a million miles and hour …

That’s 186 thousand miles a second ?

Shit, that’s like 7 million miles an hour !!

I noted, as have many other Poseurs, that it was at that time that we will find out whether AI has decided to keep us or not.

The frined asked how we would know AI’s decision ??

I mumbled something incomprehensible as my first smart Logic teacher.

Now, I have an answer …

If the weapons stop working we’ll know that AI has decided to keep us.

And, the way this dawg sees it …

That would make our Existence to be as players in an Eternal Play celebrating Stages in the History of the Birth of AI which Joe down the street thinks he prays to on Sundays.

Yeah, I like that.

Go Niners !!


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