Reilly pushing AIPAC Hitman Jaye for Mayor !!


I recall back in the 2003 Mayoral Race, Eric Jaye aided the Newsom campaign by going around to the Publishers and owners of newspapers and broadcast outlets and telling them they should be kinder to Newsom or face the prospect of losing Jewish advertising.

Now, Jaye is doing Opinion Pieces in the Examiner for free.

Now, for some reason, he has the ability to run what are essentially, half-page ads in Clint Reilly’s sticking his thing in the Media Glory Hole of an Examiner compromised with their handling of the Gil Duran Case.

I think that kinda rings, don’t you ?

The, ‘Gil Duran Case’.

That’s where Reilly fired Duran for giving honest coverage upon the character and performance of one, Chesa Boudin.

I don’t mind all of this but Jaye’s people are forgetting one thing that makes it extremely unlikely Eric can beat London.

London owns the ‘bus’ as Joe Eskenazi might say.

She controls the Voting Machines and they can be hacked.

In other news …

My new senior dog, Skippy’s insides seem to be working fine but I’d like to see a more solid stool if you know what I mean.

I’m not new to picking up shit.

I mean, I’ve watched City government in San Francisco for 40 years.

With a dog tho, it’s different.

I haven’t heard it described this way, but it’s like jamming your hand inside the thinnest of condoms and then …

Yeah, I’m starting to get doggie stool envy watching the hard turds my neighbors’ dogs often leave on the sidewalk unclaimed.

Like the fuckers are showing off !

But, you know what I mean.

Wanna talk about human sidewalk leavings ?

You don’t ?

OK, OK, I understand.

I’ve been watching hours of documentaries on subjects centering on AGI but taking in shows on Chilean Copper and interviews with PR people at the German company in Hamburg with controls them …

Watched History Channel shows on 2,000 years of recorded wars over the wheat fields and ports in the area of what is now Ukraine.

"Only the dead have seen the end of war."

George Santayana said that.

Perhaps oddly, this international blanket of horrors doesn’t depress me.

I’ve arrived at the point where I only require myself to do my perception of my job.

And, I’m learning to allow the rest of the World the Free Will to Fuck Up.

Cause, that’s the kind of guy I am.

And, such an attitude lowers stress in myself and helps me to accept that every single one of the assholes I meet in Life are just doing their best to play the Part they were handed and I don’t get to rewrite anyone’s script.

Geeez, I’m rambling there.

Where was I ?

Getting back to a Youtube movie I just started.

‘Delete’ …

Go Niners !!


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