New York Times lifts ban for Chomsky to comment on Chat GPT … then charges you to read him !!!


I was just scrolling around the internet looking to see what experts have to say about the Shrill Alarm raised by Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak regarding the latest Chat Gpt series and while most of the banner headlines pretending to head fresh opinions on the matter I did my old standby and typed in ‘Noam Chomsky’ and, this time, ‘Chat Gpt’.

Heavens to Betsy !!

The New York Times which long ago banned Chomsky for his criticism of the Zionist policies of the State of Israel has a Chomsky ‘Guest’ Opinion on the subject.

Of course, they want to charge you to read it.

Wonder if he charged them to write it ?

What assholes.

Wonder what Chomsky thinks of this ?

I’m doubting that, at 94 he’s suddenly become a Capitalist stooge.

Glad they don’t have an exclusive services contract like they do with writers.

I’ve been watching SF Corporate Media hire the best writers and make them whores for years but I don’t think that’s gonna work with Noam.

Go Niners !!


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