Comment on Top Cop submitted to Mission Local


With Bob Lee’s murder there hasn’t been better time to push for Elected Chief.

Here’s comment I offered to ML’s Cop Watch …


How about electing our Police Chief directly so’s they’re responsible to us and not a ping pong ball between POA and Mayor?

No way Breed or any mayor would give up that appointment power willingly so it has to be to the Ballot with a Charter Amendment in November 2024.

I don’t have the Ten Million it would take to put it on the Ballot but Elon Musk does and says he’s concerned.

Read how I described the process in Sailor Talk on my blog …

And, Marc, you still haven’t answered my question …

Do you as a computer engineer believe that it is possible that Dominion Voting Machines and their Proprietary Code can be hacked ?

Go Niners !!


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