“Walkin’ the dawg, just uh walkun the doggg, yeah yeah”


The toughest part of the Mission streets and gutters are shining from Duboce right down both Valencia and almost ALL of Mission Street which is a shocker, especially since the worst spots are generally the BART plazas and in front of vacancies.

I’m qualified to talk about this shit cause I’ve been enjoying the hell out of cleaning gutters (this morning I pulled a whole orange plastic bag and a half clearing weeds around trees front of mostly vacant storefronts.

So, I’m like right down there on my knees today with my new dog, Skippy brown watching tied off a few feet away.

He thinks I’m the most wonderful and puzzling person he’s met.

Man, he’s gotta get a few months of training from, ‘Lucky Dog’ (great show).

Took him up to Mission Local and the place looks like, ‘Joe’s Harem’.

And, they can write !!

I honestly feel like when I was a little kid and my sisters took me to Cardinals games and had me take a score sheet for an autograph at the Players Door cause they had the hots for the players and I was their beard or bait or avatar or something.

Yeah, seeing all those smiling young people (Will and David ain’t bat either if you like guys I guess) …

Seeing that talent after reading them and this pub pretty much since it started whenever that was, Lydia?

I forget.

But, you’ll see the film if Tony can upload it Saturday.

Yeah, Press Room for Local is all open like in a slave galley but Joe’s Office is from another world with leaded glass skylights and a couple of million bucks in art including a donated Van Rijn and a Degas with a young beauty in full length 19th century dress and her beau equally attired.

He actually has a row of slot machines and a GPT 4 robot that does his copy for him. His furniture is all Lloyd Wright original and that’s rare even for a guy who must make 8 figures annually just on royalties from his Muckraking.

Off the office is an enormous redwood deck that must be 500 square feet and a kidney shaped hot tub flanked with Nantucket lawn chairs matching the gaudy umbrellas surrounding the Local’s pool 4 wooden stairs below the deck.

OK, OK, there ain’t any money in covering this City honestly and that’s what Mission Local does.

You should give them a recurring $25 bucks a month like I do.

And, I’m on Social Security and barely able to live better than a Medieval king.

I’m serious here.

Mission Local is the last honest Media Voice in town.

Hope I had my phone camera pointed the right way when I took the short clip in the office.

We’ll see in 48 hours.

Go Niners !!


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