Sisters Birthday loot starting to roll in …


I’m having a big Fiesta style birthday with booths and dancing and artists and beer next Saturday unless I get what I got coming to me beforehand.

That, ‘unless I get what I got coming’ is from my old buddy, Jens Nielsen.

So, the Mariachi band fell thru.

600 clams they want and I was hoping to give them fifty bucks to show up at my place in front of the Carlins’ fabulous SF Sports mural at 14th and Mission and head on South for entire Valencia Corridor getting tips from the throngs.

Yeah, I’m a dreamer.

Used to have a band on my stage at h. brown’s every single night.

We had a 300 capacity and an enormous 30′ long on each side and about ten feet deep with a triple tier drum stand built about 3 feet off the ground and backed by ten foot high windows all around the building which I framed in antique barnwood … endangered now but farmer grandpa of one of my fellow firefighters had finished his farming days and was afraid someone would burn it down.

Finally, they did.

My short ownership of 4143 Lacled in St Louis ended about 50 years ago and the place burned to the foundation and killed the Puppet Master Owner, Bob Kramer.

This thing next Saturday afternoon will be the biggest party I’ve had since 1978.

Can’t get a fucking band when I used to get one every night for free.

My pick.

Actually, La Flamme picked them.

So, lots of stories.

Gotta finish them for y’all.

Ever tell you about my six wives and being arrested at a Ray Charles concert in bullfighting ring in Casablanca when I was serving at a secret base me and my buddies didn’t know was Secret ?

Go Niners !

Can anyone play Cow Bell ??

I need more Cow Bell !!!


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