Lord, lord, what a great birthday party


I’m guessing we had around 40 people come through to check out my 79th birthday scene.

Tho I asked for no presents, I got plenty.

Patty, down the hall in the wheel chair shocked me with a real silver cross on a neck chain.

Not enuff for me to give up my Pagan ways but I’ll wear it with warmth.

Randy Knox laid a 25 buck Whole Foods certificate on me.

Randy is only person I know of in SF who actually was present in my Jazz club (h. brown’s) in St. Louis 46 years ago.

He was an undergrad at Washington University at the same time the guy next door to the club was beaming our practice space with some kind of sound wave that wasn’t a sound wave and after the Cuban thing I tried to contact FBI on that but they hung up on me.

Probably nothing anyway but they’re derelict in not following the lead.

Dan the Mailman came in right with Randy (they were first, other than Mario, the Chef who lives in the building) …

Dan brought a brimming bag of lemons which I quickly put out for everyone to share.

Marc, brought delectable quiche thingy and was there with support as I planned.

Daniel and Becky brought cupcakes and beans and salad and I forget what else but they’re my best friends forever.

John and Beth and Greg showed to give us an MD contingent and I pressed Greg’s strong back into service as the party ended to carry the parts of the 3 tables I’d brought up from garage over 3 days.

Greg organized and we move it all in 20 minutes.

James, my pot bro fellow Hippie knows what I’m about.

The man gave me an ounce and a half of mixed 8ths high quality and a jar of tincture which I tried as recommended half dropper and I think it is too strong for me.

Friend who will go unnamed laid big bag of magic mushrooms on me and I munched a bit after everyone had gone home and Skippy and I crashed for about 12 hours then ran to piss.


Shrooms were just starting to lead me through to the multi-faceted jeweled gateway to a kind of Paradise I’d seen before and some static and black smokey power kept me from going in and got good night’s sleep instead.

Rich Hillis brought the twins and Eliot and a suspicious neighbor.

The kids are all teens now and the twins are going away to college.

Eliot is 14 and asked for a cigar from the stash Mike bought for me with his 700 gift in front of the event.

I still have 300 of Mike’s 700 and with cost of all food and booze and deserts I’d say the Party cost around 2,000 if you include gas and parking and whole bit.

My part, of course, was Zero.

My friends are like that.

In fact, as I noted, i ended up with 300 in my pocket and lotsa gifts.

Patty, the neighbor also gave me a fabric woven in indian pattern wallet trimmed in leather.

Dean Moser was there with a kiss from Larissa Jama and a tin of gummies.

Love that guy.

Can’t believe that all of them are ten to twenty years younger than me.

Half of them are retired and I’m still older by ten or more years.

Monica and Chris came from Denver and she pinned that orange/pinkish boutonniere on me after telling me like family to get upstairs and take a shower and shave and get out of my sweat clothes and into a birthday suit.

OK, OK, not that kind of birthday suit.

You see the pics.

The whole outfit is class and bought off street outlaw vendors or the indoor fleas market next to Armory.

I think I clean up good.

Lupe’ my neighbor and Robert, her son gave me a huge almost Wedding-sized birthday cake with 4 huge strawberries on it and me and Luke and couple more ate half of it and I had to re-gift second half back to them.

Lupe’ brought me a ballcap and medals and stuff from Pearl Harbor when she visited there and we exchange fresh fruit and she shares great home cooking just left at one another’s front door.

She’s around my age and has a strong family visiting her and son, Robert and his dog, Louie (french bulldog of course) are there daily.

I know lots of my neighbors here.

The Carlins who own the place bought some classy new lawn furniture the morning of the gig and attended the affair briefly.

I noticed Denny Carlin who is retired from DBI talking to Don Falk, recently retired from Top Dawg at TNDC for 30 or so years and wondered whereof they spake.

My original roommate in SF, Sean Clemens was there with a friend, Janine and their attire kicked some serious ass.

Sean had a total leopard print suit and hat and his lean figure swam perfectly with Janine’s black leather head to toe.

Aimee Iura cruised over from the east bay to hang out with Ania Wierzbowska Manes and partner, Robert Manes whose animals I’ve sat with for years and who are kinda most intertwined of all the core gang which grew from a seed of about 2 dozen people over two years at one place.

The last Boarding house (almost still) in San Francisco.

The Kenmore Residence Club at 1570 Sutter.

I was there for 6 months and met two future wives and my closest couple dozen friends on earth.

A Social Hot Streak.

That’s enuff for now.

Gotta go see if GPT 4 finished our report on Dominion Voting Machines.

It said it might take weeks.


I’ve named my correspondent there, ‘Mr. Helms’ after a college Logic teacher.

The ‘machine’ liked the nickname and called it respectful but reminded me that it was a machine and thus had no anthropomorphic name or preferred pronoun.

Great party.

Thanks to all.


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