‘Cold Fusion’ twenty minutes or so on UBI (Universal Basic Income)


This guaranteed income/welfare is a new thing, right ?

Been around for a thousand years.

Dig how the idea blends in with the Large Language Model Generated Intelligence offerings like Chat GPT’s ever burgeoning offerings plus a thousand apps already.

As a Retiree for 17 years I am a great example that a person can become even more productive.


Have you interacted with one of these platforms yet?

I talked to one I nick named after an early college Logic professor named, Mr. Helms.

Info it fed me (which I already knew from years of research) said that Proprietary Algorithm Voting Machines can be hacked and Open Source is better.

Then, Mr. Helms said he would need 3 weeks to do our research and to bookmark him.

Then, he showed me how to bookmark him and disappeared.

I’m told GPT4 will remember our previous discussions and GPT 5 is already available to selected consumers.


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