SF Supervisors back down to Racists/Fascists/Misogynist and Reward Cops


Thought I’d watch the BOS today and just watched 10 of the 11 Vote to Reward the Cops who start at $103,000 yearly now and that doesn’t count the 26 million in Adended Overtime charges and I believe there was another 63 million a year they forgot they meant to give them for 3 more years and …

They are partying like a Mother Fucker at SFPOA Headquarters right now !!

If they’re not, they are missing a genuinely Golden Opportunity for a blast.

Maybe you could get some Fentanyl from San Jose’ was it who gave you at least a hundred grand for your ugly attacks on Progressive SF.

Shit, what a victory.

You sure as shit didn’t work for all that money.

In fact, quite the opposite.

Nearly every citizen knows of someone who has witnessed your members overlook crime and criminals (some violent) …

And, it turns out that doing a shit job is good for your numbers if you’re a cop.

Yuh know, given the type of people they recruit and the way they train them, maybe it’s better they stay in their cars.

Then, after bending over and spreading em for the cops …

Oh, there was a holdout who is outraged at this …

Supervisor Dean Preston alone voted a big, ‘Fuck You !!’ to the cops and I salute him for same.

Then, a Gay Jew and a Straight Jew and a couple of LBGTQ members of the BOS then voted to back down to Tumpism and that is the way Fox News will see it tonight …


Only the black Supe and the Asian lady and one white guy with his shit together voted NOT TO REPEAL a City Law Punishing States with Red Neck laws and those laws are growing in number …

SF useta (before today) had kinda like the kind of sanction the West now has against the Russians only not so bad and only within the United States.

Let me tell you as a man who has shopped in most states …

They need us more than we need them.

Repealing that Law ruined my day after my morning upper with Fox Firing.


Go Warriors !!


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