SF’s Public Guardian Sues Laguna Honda • Closure Plan—Just Released for LHH • Does SF Enable Drug Use? • Crisis in Artists Housing • Oakland’s Stadium

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It took courage for the Public Guardian to file suit. Hopefully, the public will learn the full extent of the scandal. The timing couldn’t be worse for LHHs struggle to survive.

SF’s Public Guardian Sues Laguna Honda

Elder abuse is among the seven Causes of Action

LHH was forced to admit dangerous patients from SFGH, for whom it could not provide safe and adequate care. One set a fire that ruined a 30-bed ward. Others got into altercations, did drugs, and intimidated elderly residents and staff. New administrators, imported from SFGH, plundered the Patient Gift Fund to supply lavish perks for managers and staff.

by Dr. Derek Kerr & Dr. Maria Rivero

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