Dawg getting Cabal Squeeze at Manny’s and Mission Local


I’m more like pop every day.

And, except for the limp, that’s a good thing.

Dad ended up tossed out of every Pentecostal Church because he didn’t believe in Hell.

On the docks at Kroger in St. Louis they tried to kill him when he organized for the Teamsters and Hoffa who came to our house with a reporter one night to thank pop.

Dad solved the ban from the church by buying twenty five bucks a week worth of air time on a Mexican broadcast company that was unrestricted in power of their tower and you could hear pop’s 15 minutes at 3am over much of the country if your dial would go that far.


My work here is much the same.

An outlet for a need that must be answered.

Last two places I have had the opportunity to give my piece of mind have been Manny’s when they have an event I like and Mission Local’s chat feature.

Lately, Manny has stopped notifying me of important events.

He’s getting money from Daniel Lurie and Michael Moritz now for projects extending his brand.

Not sure what it is with Mission Local.

They just simply will publish almost nothing I offer now.

I’m not a deadbeat with either outlet either.

Paying Fan of both for couple of years.

I’m guessing someone else offered more.

Well, I’ll stay in the game.

Here at my Dawg.

Like Pop, it doesn’t matter if no one is listening.

Only that I do my part.

And, I’m loving playing my part in this Cosmic Video game.

Got the most perfect little dog last month.

Like myself, beat up some.

Just needed some love.

Has grown back lots of his hair and gotten over bad skin infection and eye infection and more.

Kept his name, ‘Skippy’ which sucks but he answers to it.

I’d rather call him, ‘Scam’ cause it sounded like on when I got him.

Something about him needing a month of medical care before he was ready and there would be Vet bills …

Asked Denny and Trish, our owners for permission then called back and said I’d take the dog that day or not at all.

His meds were $174.

His rabies shot was $70

My ‘Irish Twin’, Brenda sent $175.

Robert Long, who runs laundry downstairs gave $50 for Rabies shot.

I had couple of hundred of Mike Smythe’s B’day gift left.

And, I got myself a companion.

Who follows me around the apartment. always settling a foot from me.

Nice to be needed.

Things do balance out.

More later.


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