I’m running for Mayor if I can raise the cash

Joe suggested the PC elected …because that’s what people want

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On Sat, May 13, 2023 at 9:11 PM, h brown
<hbrown41744@gmail.com> wrote:


Did it once before.

Because no one else would.

My simple platform:

1. I guarantee to put a Charter Amendment on the first ballot before you to elect our Police Chief and give them free reign to reform our Department.

2. I guarantee to move all tents and encampments to Treasure Island.

3. I guarantee to begin a Million Dollar Trash Lottery and you get a ticket for every hour you work.

4. I guarantee to create a Security Force Foreign Exchange of Personnel tbd.

5. I guarantee a UBI proposal for the poor and homeless.

Mostly, I want to get these ideas out there as far as possible.

We get the money by taxing the Rich.

Comments ??


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