I’ve been holding this back about Niners quarterback situation


In his first two games I watched Purdy throw 3 certain interceptions that were dropped and would have cost us both games.

Had that happened he’d be back in grad school.

Instead we get the biggest hype I’ve ever seen for a player.

From all the talk about how smart Trey Lance is I’m assuming he ain’t.

Maybe Shanahan can simplify enuff to make it up but I dunno.

Darnold lacks the swagger a top flight QB needs.

That leaves me sorry Jimmy G is gone.

He was the only one of the 4 able to fully exploit Shanahan’s playbook.

I think they dumped him because he criticized Mike’s plays in the Super Bowl was it ?

I believe he’d make a great NFL head coach.

Probably better than Mike.

He’s just too rich now to trudge that path.

Prove me wrong, Brock Purdy.

You too, Sam Darnold.

Hard to believe Niners whiffed so badly on Lance.

Prove this ole bulldawg wrong, Trey.

Go Niners !!


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