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I’m down 64 pounds in year and a half.

120 at 5"4" and saw three doctors at VA today and my bp was 126 over 65.

They thought it was good and I gave the doctors my sisters’ views on my foot and hand blisters and numbness below knees and bad heart and liver and Barretts and cirrhosis and crumbling spine and this latest is probably Raynaud’s.

And, I feel great.

Poured sack of concrete into rat hole undermining utility pole and closed and redirected drainage in two spots where people go number two into the holes alongside Community Thrift.

All of the crete is improving Public property cause the Mayor will not pave the place nor return the Porta Potta things at each end.

With hundreds of tourists a day going thru there.

I poured a dozen bags of concrete to sanitize the Mission outlet to the Gallery which is what it is and damned those people can paint.

I painted over the shit remains on walls below one particular painting under which I did today’s concrete work and they’ll still shit there but it will be easier to clean up.

Then, I collected trash.

Before going to see the doctors.

After which I sat in a love-in for Mayor Breed who was charming.

Then to the fun of reading the Standard and the Examiner and Mission Local and then Tim Redmond who like myself and Matt Gonzalez and Aaron Peskin are walking institutional libraries of City Hall politics for the past 25 years and back to 42 with me but I only became active in 2000 when I ran for supe w/Daly in D-6.

Today’s post …

October 19, 2022 at 9:28 pm

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Campers, The Office of Mayor here has too much power. The Class of 2000 changed much of that by giving the BOS appointments on key Commissions and boards but not much has been done since. A good idea from Michael Hennessey is to get the Mayor to voluntarily put a Charter Amendment before the voters (she can do this on her own but I believe it would take a super majority of the Board) … Let the people choose amongst candidates who present a variety of platforms and planks. Then Michael told me at Daly’s Dive a decade or so back: “You might get one or two who don’t do what they promised but then you’ll get one that lasts 30 years like me.” Michael’s hell of baseball fan. I like Hamaskai of course. That’s because I worked with Severely Emotionally Disturbed adolescents in every capacity from driving their school bus to coaching their teams to creating Student Security forces everywhere I went. I did it at Potrero Hill in SF but that’s another story. 1 Hamasaki 2 Alioto 1 Hamasaki 2 Alioto Trent Williams a

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