Newsom went gray !! I wonder what color my hair is ??


Just watched what KTVU billed as a, ‘debate’ between Gavin and whatshisname, the Republican challenger.

Took about 5 minutes in before Newsom realized that this fucker had absolutely zero opposition research.

It was clear the man had no idea that the Governor himself is the creation of a Getty family project.

As in Getty Oil !!

It was supposed to be Billy Getty sitting in the Sacramento mansion built by Lincoln Steffens’ dad built.

Billy was a no show so the role went to Gavin.

And, here we have the incredible scene of Newsom first testing to see if the guy really had no retort to a Gavin jab blaming the Republican for the greed of oil companies.

Anyone who at least read the Gavs public bios knows he’s soaked in Getty Oil.

I mean, where was he with …

"You have a lot of nerve calling ME on the evils of big oil …

and on and on …

Gavin on an early early night for the Gettys next Tuesday.

Also, Scott Schaefer and Melissa Lagos ran the most biased in favor of Newsom show I have ever seen.

Hell, Gavin even talked over them and got double the time I’m uh bettin’ over the ignorant hick from Mt. Shasta.

Newsom’s attire was kinda frightening.

There’s a kind of lavender highlights to his new gray hair and it was picked up by his suit and tie and with the set backdrop he looked kinda like he was about to disappear like the Cheshire cat.


The link to the ‘debate’ is on KTVU and is about a half hour or less.

On the cigars.

Butts, really.

I save them cause as I worked in Clarion Alley I got asked for cigarettes all the time and never smoked em and only went back to my 50 year cigar habit (gotta live alone) …

Started carrying butts complete with toothpicks and got many thanks.

That’s the kind of guy I am.

So, here I am up in the sticks a few hours from payday and a trip to Oliver’s which is some grocery store.

Go Lula !!


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