A respected media person told me I came one signature from being assassinated my Mossad


Just kicking over the shit pot some more outta boredom.

My comments about SFSOS whose members I have outlived, saved Dianne, were concerning them sending Eric Jaye to owners of media outlets who published anything favoring Gonzalez over Newsom in the 2003 Mayoral contest.

Slept under my desk last month of that campaign and drank a fifth of cheap bourbon a day while Gonzo’s pot put away an equal amount of quality gin.

I’d break every now and then to take a guest out to Walter Wong’s fish ponds to smoke some pot gifted to me for the campaign.

Ate some chick in a see-thru dress whose name I forget out on election night as she sat back straddled in the, ‘guest chair’ on opposite side of my desk which had full free bar behind me and then went out and with Sister Bernie Galvin stopping to stare at my joyous enthusiasm in a lost cause … danced my fool head off to live music of 4 bands spread out in enormous tents holding 4,000 people who spilled into the streets and blocked entry to the highway …

The, ‘Winner’, Newsom had an alcohol ban at his victory celebration in the Marina where less than a hundred people showed up and they closed down by 9 pm ??

Man, that fucking election was soooo fixed.

Last week it rained constantly and the yellow Gonzalez cardboard signs blanketing the town got soggy and one guy glued them all over his entire car except for lights and windows and Matt advertised for a few pieces of art to borrow for the cavernous entire first floor and grounds and parking lot of Walter’s crib that he almost lost at one time but he was sheriff and police chief and treasurer and Supervisor and used to bring his hot young lean black girlfriend to my place and dance his own ass off … name him …

went to Cleveland to be Chief of Police in Cleveland for Dennis Kucinich and then as a top boss for State of New York’s Penal system.

Forgot the fucker’s name ??

Anyway, he used to wine and dine me at Original Joe’s and we’d get drunk as a skunk on good red wine by the barrel and he said that he saved Walter’s ass when Wong picked wrong candidate and lost all City business for his parking and office complex …

This guy used his State contacts to fill enuff of Walters parking spaces and offices … enuff to pay the bills …

Walter used to tell all candidates same story …

"I killed a chicken and studied its entrails and you’re going to win !!"

So, anyway, Angela Alioto and I had become friends through my writing and her lawyering and both of our politicking and when she lost to Matt and missed the runoff (she’d have won too as Matt did but Willie’s kids fixed it in the Fake Absentee Ballots) …

our friendship survived that and even the fact that Queen Bee’s never been a drinker or get high …

Angela would pick me up for lunch as she cruised to the side door of Matt’s HQ in some kind of fancy black limo (I love that shit) …

Campaign workers would report back to Campaign Manager, Enrique Pierce (who hated my ass for reasons unknown to me) …

They reported I was a spy for Alioto.


People say that, those were the best times.

Real wrong.

Today is the best day of my life or has the potential to be.

I know one hell of a lot more now than I did in 2003.

I’m more in control of my mind and body and work.

I’m just in general a lot better person than I was.

I’m much more empathetic and gaining understanding of others.

Lower Testosterone level has somewhat lessened the ..

‘Roar in my head’

That’s what the Ozark hill people who came up to, ‘Big Smokey’ (what they called St. Louis) …

They came for the jobs during WWII and brought my older siblings who were …

Enuff …

Still can’t remember guy’s name …


If you say so.

Go Niners !!


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