My Record of being a Hard Worker and a Loser continues apace … lol


Walked many a mile for Boudin.

Scrubbed those toilets for twenty hours.

Spent months repairing and maintaining Clarion Gallery Alley.

Boudin was a sure winner and, like Gonzo for City Attorney, simply chose not to run.

I was going to surprise the Cohens by spending a week of twelve hour days rehabbing the their bathrooms while they were gone and cleaning all of the doggie mess from the 5,000 square feet of carpet.

Work done they laugh at my industry and inform me that they’re tearing out the carpets and redoing the baths completely when they get back.

And, Clarion ?

Turns out that while residents loved my work, Lisa (don’t know last name but she’s in charge there it turns out) …

I’m banned from my favorite junk store at one end of alley too.

And, from posting on Examiner and new Standard and 48 Hills and the Chronicle and on and on until I only have Mission Local accepting my comments and they have rules.

Which is why a friend set up a blog for me a few years ago and this is it and it is only place I can write anything I want anytime which is where my dad ended up.


You believe in Predestination ?

Boy, I sure do.

My dad was the most devoted Christian in the History of that religion and he was tossed from every single Pentecostal Church because he’d sit the whole family in a line on the hard benches and pass the kids a pack of Juicy Fruit gum and pot a Sen-Sen mouth freshener and stand up and speak in Tongues and then tell everyone there was no Hell.

Yeah, ALL preachers of ALL denominations hate that one.

They make their living selling Fear of Hell and … ??

If there ain’t no Hell, what’s the reason to put a prick like Cardinal Corlione (sp?) in a luxury SF setting surrounded by servants ??

Seems that either we kids copied pop’s model or inherited gene-specific traits that included kicking rich preachers and politicians and hospital administrators in their asses.

Works for me.

Moseso, the older I get and, face it, I ain’t gettin’ much older.

For me, it’s the Work that counts.

I’ll walk a thousand miles with a Boudin sign only to have him quit and watch the SF Judicial Reform Movement collapse like dominos.

And, have his seat filled by Brooke Jenkins who is a proven liar and cheat under-the-table taker of over a hundred and fifty grand for six months of same from a billionaire.

She get’s to be DA in God’s World in San Francisco.

David Chiu, who long ago took 350k from the RNC to develop a training program for new Staff which helped push George W. Bush into the White House in his race against Gore.

Chiu had Randy Tate, head of the Christian Coalition on his Board of Directors and that’s just tip of that corrupt iceberg.

Matt Gonzalez could have beaten him like a fucking drum.

Mayor ??

Hey, as a hell of a Political Gadfly I’m surrounded by big piles of shit and like the bird in the Parable it warms me up and gives me the energy to spread my wings.

And, get eaten by a passing Fox.

You know that one ?

Ask someone about the bird who was lazy or drunk or high or something and was, thus, last to start his migration South and ended up having weather catch up with him and ice his wings and he made a crash landing in a farmer’s field and was lying there on the ground with his wings too frozen to fly and was cursing himself for being so lazy and not starting South earlier when a hug shadow moved over him and he realized it was a cow who calmly looked down on him as it chewed its cud and shifted a bit to get into position and dropped a huge load of shit right squarely on top of the bird.

Bird, like me, thinks, Well, this is what a get for not going along with the flock but after a couple of minutes with only his beak sticking out of the cow pie he realizes that the hot shit has warmed up his entire body and that he almost made it to the Warm weather and Now he Could !!

So, mother fucker starts breaking free and shaking of the shit of Jenkins and Dorsey and Engardo and Breed and SINGING !!

Passing Fox hears him, slides over and has him for Lunch.

Motto ??

Everyone who shits on you is not necessarily your enemy.

Everyone who gets you out of a pile of shit is not necessarily your friend.

And, …

If you’re happy in a pile of shit ???

Keep your mouth shut.

Your Happy Bulldog,


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