Shane for Director of Elections !!


So, I cannot legally vote w/out signing the envelope on my absentee ballot.

If Daniel has my ballot or Robert can find it in my apartment, Shane from DOE agrees that I told him that I am directing them to fill out the ballot for me as directed over the phone and mail it w/out filling out the back.

Then, DOE will challenge it and I can get a hearing or something.

"I got a bad feeling about this one, Vern."

Angela … I’m still voting Hamasaki 1st and Joe 2nd but I don’t think it matters does it ??

If Jenkins doesn’t win on first round she’s a loser.

Cause, ain’t no way many people who’d vote for my boy (John) and your boy (Joe) first and then vote for Jenkins …

Hmmmm, your conservative Catholics and black and yellow people …

Hey, my granddaughter is black and just starting to vote.

We’ll ask her.

Still haven’t located the ballot tho and since I don’t know how to hook Becky’s printer to my computer Shane says go to the nearest library which I guess is at Sonoma State about a mile away but it’s raining like hell and the battery on the truck is dead cause I musta left something on but Daniel has a hundred foot or so garden hose and I drug in from the side of the house and washed his truck for fun … I mean, penance.

I like washing vehicles.

Loved washing our fire trucks at Webster Groves for 5 years back when.

I swear to god I didn’t do all of this on purpose for the story.

It is a good rainy election day story tho, huh ?

I walked to Employee owned, Oliver’s in Cotati for 30 lbs of groceries which I carried with difficulty back here in my back pack.

I’ve eaten 30 lbs of bananas in my 2 weeks here.

That’s on par for me; usually eat 60 to 70 lbs of them a month.

I also eat 4 to 5 pounds of raw honey a month with the bananas.

And, a pound of the strongest coffee I can find.

Plus, my diet calls for about a solid big bar of chocolate at least 86%.

Every day.

If I want.

That and fresh fruit in season all from Mi Tierra on Mission almost at 16th where I give them cheap bracelets (Yemeni ownership I think and chicano butchers whom I give flag lapels and Mardi Gras jewelry too) …

Fastest cashiers in town and I bought same size strawberries there at two for a dollar on Sunday and in Cotati two days later they were $5.98.

For one.

Daniel says buy anything I want and they’ll reimburse.

Cool, spent about $150 and haven’t even opened lb and a half of French Roast coffee in beans and 11 dollar brie cheese pack …

Been a great stay.

Most importantly, Henry is not the same dog he was when they left.

I mean, like me, he’s still old and fucked up with stuff that will eventually put him wherever the fuck it is we go …

but, he’s much better.

Yesterday he wanted out in the rain so I let him in the yard and he was actually doing what passes for running.

He’s totally blind in one eye that exploded from internal pressure and made a small cut just before I came but I’m treated it twice daily and it looks totally healed but still blind as he is in other eye too almost.

So, I think he’s deaf too cause he doesn’t hear me coming up behind him or respond to my calls for him which he used to do even if, never in a cute friendly puppy style.

Henry’s always been his own dog.

I don’t even know if he’s registered to vote.

Gonna call Tony again and see if my ballot is there.


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