My Real Thanksgiving is my 40-year group’s ‘Saturday After’


I made it sound like I’m sitting alone all solitary and lonely and nothing could be further from the truth.

Holidays are mostly commercialized jokes where we spend too much money to hang out with and often give gifts to people who hate us and we know it.

Once, after a few years of marriage my wife opened the car trunk of my in-laws spare care and in it was every single Christmas gifts I’d given them over the years.


So, our ‘Hippie’/Kenmore Faithful Remnant Leftover celebration is usually ten or so and at Summer Solstice we can get 25 or so on a good year which ain’t bad for 40 years.

I certainly am closer to know my adulthood friends more than I’ve ever known my family.

Not sad.

Just the way the cards were dealt this go around.

Looking forward to a roomful of honest smiles.

Speaking of which …

Go Niners !!


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