My life of luxury in photos below


Course, I don’t own the antique store nor the bride …

The Pot is Compassion from Erich Pearson’s Sparcs on Polk at Clay.

You get this when you are old and fucked up like me and with my 54" Plasma from Doug plus fancy grab bars in bathroom to the Full Sized top of line mattress and springs and bedding from the Cohens.

Don’t people give you stuff like that ?

My friends all do and I give everything I have every month down to five bucks in bank usually and this month I’m rolling in it at 43 bucks total.

I want to buy a basic ham radio set up tomorrow if I can.

I’ve been keeping an eye out online and they’re under a hundred bucks sometimes.

I think it’s very important that I keep both Morse Code and Sailor Talk alive for future genera-fuckin-nations to chuckle about.

The Morse Code is serious and I really was a Navy Radioman Second Class when I got out of the Navy in 1965 and I was pretty good at keeping networks of teletype machines humming across the Mediterranean

I have 5 whistles on lanyards ? (look) … in my emergency kit and morse code cards

After a catastrophe getting communications up fast is important and with just whistles we can cover a quarter mile radius.

Now, how to get the ham radio going by solar or grinder like old Marine Backpack Radios that made such great targets with their antennas.

Anyway, watching more Lex Fridman today and he tells stories heard from his grandparents and others about the Stalin imposed starvation in Ukraine where at least 8 million died and the population resorted to cannibalism …

He interviews lots of people with theories.

I wrote him offering my first hand Cosmic tales.

We’ll see.

Every tell you about what the man from Mars in the Future said was the Meaning of Life ??

"Imagine you wake up and find yourself playing in a card game."

"You don’t know the rules but you’re a card player and so you keep on playing until you learn the Rules of the Card Game."

"Which are also the Rules of Life …

Rule One

You can’t win.

Rule Two

You can’t tie.

Rule Three

You can’t quit.

All you can hope for is to be the Last to Lose."

Anyway, I love the shots below that I got wandering warmly dressed on a chilly SF day for an hour and a half walk to get the pot and can I really learn how to use a skateboard with my old bones ?

Go Niners !!


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