Post Apocalyptic Earth House came to me in a dream


Every have one of those dreams that wakes you up yelling at you …

" Write this down shithead or you’ll forget it by morning ! "

Then, you lie there wondering if you can get back to sleep and remember the dream cause it’s such a pain in the ass.

" That’s why it’s worth it ! " (retorted ‘Dream Maker’ – Whom we’ll call, ‘DM’ from now on and use it instead of, ‘Source’ or ‘God’ and it’s nice conversation dive about religion.

So, I got up and here’s what I wrote, then I’ll tell you the dream …

First, I’ll see if I can send a pic of George’s sketch of power of 1 megaton nuclear blast.

Yeah … it posted I think.

Been having trouble clearing phone for photos but Hillis cleared some space other night before we hit the Manny’s launch of the much dreaded, BOS Gay Caucus …

So, the dream is that I’m in the middle of some scene from a future nuclear battlefield and there is a flash through the auto junk yard/bombed out used to be someone’s home neighborhood.

It’s a bright flash and I’m instantly drop my helmet shielded head and kneel next to my comrade.

we’re both in full combat gear and I’ve no idea where we’re going …

My partner speaks here for only time anyone does in Dawg clip dream …

" Fucking Star bombs !!! "

That’s what she says.

So, then I write down what DM made me pad into the front room to write …

" There will likely be not only full scale nuclear wars but also smaller theater nuclear wars and nukes will even be used as short range artillery.

Which means (and, here’s da dawg’s kernel) …

*** The next big style of architecture construction will be eternal variations of …


That pieces together with the dream of me being in some kind of Post Conventional war Sortie with a woman who was around 6 feet crouching I’m guessing clearly in charge of the mission.

That’s it for the dream but let me go on.

I’ve studied nuclear weapons from one vantage point or another for 60 years and I was struck by an old soldier I met at the Kenmore Boarding House 40 years back.

Said his unit had taken part in the nuclear tests in Nevada after the war and their job was to see how close they could be to blasts of various sizes and continue to fight.

You’d be surprised.

As I recall, and please correct me if I’m wrong but …

You can be within couple of hundred yards of some tactical nuke explosions and long as you have 6 inches of dirt or equivalent barrier atween you and the blast, you can survive.

Gotta retreat and get doused and mark that spot on battlefield on your GPS.

Yeah, you’ll still have today’s technology but supplies will be limited.

That’s why my soldier partner cursed.

So many of the units in national stockpiles had been spent within the first 48 hours of the war that use of any devices was extremely rare.

I wasn’t thinking that in the dream.

I was just pondering …

" Where the fuck am I and what’s with this big woman shielding me and ta hell’s a ‘Star bomb’. "

Then, sitting there at 3am with the rain pounding down on 14th and Valencia I made my notes and it fit.

Whole colonies of Earth houses facing different directions, linked by tunnels and impervious to all but direct nuclear hit.

I’d talked long and hard about this very topic for years with Joe O’Donoghue.

We started off enemies cause I was and am friends with folks picketing his RBA boys’ building sites but when we got to talking at City Hall we both figured out how much both of us loved building and buildings and the sarcastic Irish Poet style.

I related how even tho SF is likely to be hit at least 4 or 5 times that the hills will leave neighborhoods atween the hills largely intact except for utilities and confused and absolutely terrified.

New h. and Joe confab would be kinda like a motor home covered with concrete and dirt and permanent adjoining 500 gallon water tank and compost toilet.

2 hours til Niners !!


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