Katie Porter for U.S. Senate


Bear with me as I try and remember to toss in some closely held beliefs such as the danger of nuclear war to the dangers of overpopulation to my support for a variety of issues and candidates.

Dawg’s actually MOST important issues on Earth:

1. Overpopulation and we can do something about it.

That’s my, ‘Cut and Run for Ten Large ??’ line suggesting that if we gave ten thousand dollars to anyone in the World who’d take it to get sterilized that we can cut the population in a measurable way.

Great Wild West NYC robber baron named Gould said:

"Don’t give me this nonsense about the nobility of the poor."

"I can hire half of them to kill the other half tomorrow and do the same thing the next day until I reach my desired population level."

I understand that the Wagner Group has that quote over their Headquarters front door.

2. Now, gonna be ‘Katie Porter’ name recognition.
Just tape ‘Katie Porter’ in bright red on file folder longways sign on 3 dollar cane.
Used black magic jumbo marker to do edges and, voila, I have yet another original sign to walk with.

Sooooooo …





Cut and Run for Ten Large ??

I want the Cowboys next Sunday,


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