Billy and all,

On the matter of people trying to kill you.

I had two of my wives try to kill me and disarmed and divorced them.

One had the proverbial large kitchen knife and the other a shotgun with the the pump assembly pulled back and boy did I cover that ten feet fast.

Then, two of my wife’s lovers tried to kill me during the construction of my club.

Different wives but one might have done them both really don’t remember you had to be there.

One rigged leads to lights to spark and other crashed tons of well aimed hanging groups of radiator pipes we were removing.

Not to mention the multitude of gangstah kids I’ve worked with over the decades.

Those were the only ones that bore fruit in a reverse fashion.

I still have kids come up to me in the Mission who I taught 25 years ago.

Cool …

What about the idea of converting Office Space to Garden Space ?

Bet you could have some nice living spaces melded in.

Go Niners !

(sorry, always close with that)


On Thu, Jan 26, 2023 at 6:41 PM h brown <hbrown41744> wrote:

Bill, I added a few listeners … Bill played drums in my House Band at h. brown’s in St. Louis 47 years ago. We’re talking about religion over the smoking ruins of the old club which burned to the ground along with Puppet Theatre Maestro Bob Kramer who did the next 50 years on that spot. We’re talking about Zionism and our respective definitions. Billy and I sometimes have mighty intellectual clashes but his electricity always wakes me further.

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