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Here’s comment this morning on an ML gem …


It wasn’t worth it for this 78 year old vet.

They contracted with some ad firm or something that kept sending me letters telling me I was eligible for Snap and I’d get about $170 a month.

I finally applied (they got bonus for recruiting me) and actual benefits were $17 a month.

OK, so I banked it cause I hated using card (stamps before were worse) … hated having people see I was poor in the checkout line so I only used it every 6 months or so when it was a hundred or so.

They complained !!

I used the card on a camping trip up North once and they asked if I’d moved; couldn’t believe they tracked where I spent restricted money of seventeen bucks a month.

Then, they made me submit complete packets of all new paperwork every 6 months.

Occasionally, they’d change the award to a dollar more, or $18 a month which would make my overall household income (sgl male) off by a dollar and believe it or not, that’s enuff to make you lose your housing.

I was frantic with this crap for a couple of years and couldn’t figure out why they’d subject me to this degree of expensive oversight paperwork for such a trivial amount.

So, I asked the Russians at Google and they explained that (in so many words) that the vendors for Snap were getting XXX amount for each needy household they recruited and on the other end they got a bonus for cutting ‘dead weight’.

I’d been afraid to drop the program but finally did with no consequences.

God and Mitch McConnell are the only ones who know what the United States Government spent on my case where I didn’t want or need 17 bucks a month but they insisted and then they went to lord knows the paperwork and clerical time not just for the government but from the bank who got used to seeing me.

The chosen vendor was getting money to both build and winnor the list.

It reminded me of Milo Minderbinder both attacking and defending his own air base.

But, at a Profit !!

As with all government work, someone will always find a way to scam it and sometimes politicians will write the scam right into the devil’s details of the original legislation for their friends or …

In the case of Laguna Honda, they amended the FDR/Truman/JFK/LBJ/Carter Medicare law to give the Disburser the power to close an entire First Class hospital.

On an aside, I assume this vote to deprive the needy of food went down on a straight Party-line vote ?

Go Niners !


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