George Simmons Roth tries to Save the World Again !!


I learned more from this guy than I ever learned from all of the teachers I ever had in my 78 years on Earth.

His primary focus has always been nuclear War and how to Avoid it.

This is his latest …

He’s the one who taught me …

"If you want to know if you’ve had a successful day you can find out by asking yourself the same 3 questions as you go to bed and you have to answer all of them with a ‘Yes’.

1. Did I accomplish anything Positive ?

2. Did I avoid hurting someone ?

3. Did I have any fun ? "

He said that we might not even notice the second one but it counts if you just ignore something or someone and you fill in anything else that fits.

He says that the third one is the one most people miss.

I try and make myself Dance and Play my Harmonica and shake my cow bell and stuff while listening to ELO with dancing teens for ten minutes.

Which, I did twice today when Denny Carlin Jr. and his strappin’ son, Bernie who plays rugby and I watched that guy grow up over my 9 years here.

There’s a new Cleaning Lady coming on duty with a contract for the Building just today and her name is Angela and my friend downstairs went to the hospital last night and did I get John Crapo’s picture ?

Carlin’s really did John right.

Completely redid his apartment, complete paint job and new carpet.

He’s been here longer than me and Lupe across hall has been here since beginning and I think John Malone, also on the floor and I took his pic and I gotta go back and post these …


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