I’ve looked ‘best’ in my life by accident


Pardon me for putting you through having to look through my medical records for much of my blog but that’s cause I’m just catching up to fact that my cell phone from the Cohens allows me to keep a detailed medical record complete with photos of the progression and demise of my body.

Stead of mansplaining it to my brilliant young Primary Care doctor, I can show her pictures of it.

And, til the Cyber Wars start, have a record of it all for myself.

I was thinking that as I gingerly shaved an area of new skin on my cheek.

"Like a baby !!"

As a happenstance of skin treatments I have to do to keep skin cancer free I get a regeneration that must go several layers deep cause it strips freckles and any scaly skin (sign of pre-cancerous Actinic Kerotosis) …

I’m just musing as I study the treated area of my face that it is pink as baby skin as they say and it is new like that.

In Hollywood they pay big money for that.

Here, with scrip, it’s 50 bucks a tube at Costco.

Same with my weight.

I dropped 50 pounds over last couple of years but not from exercise, tho I do remain active with walking or working hard 90 minutes most days.

Naw, dropped the weight when I stopped drinking booze and changed diet.

Bottom line is that I’m thinking that coming up to 79 next month at my B’day party with Kenny the Clown if he’ll come and I’m looking better in the mirror than I have in 30 years all by accident.

So, why can’t I get laid ?


Go Niners !

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