Dawg energy diverted to janitor work where you get instant gratification


Eskenazi indicated this morning that he hadn’t filed his ballot yet and me either.

I usually am either first or second at City Hall for early voting or have my vote in the mail box within hours.

Oh, ultimately I think the SF vote is fixed.

Used to be by Absentee Ballots as Willie admitted in an interview once.

Not directly did he admit they cheated.

He just turned to another party hack and said:

"We won that one with the absentee ballots like we always do, didn’t we ?

I vote anyway cause that’s kind of guy I’ve always been.

Doesn’t matter for me in the end if they cheat.

Only that I do my best.

When Boudin bailed and Campos too I shifted my output into the ‘clean streets and whatever else is in front of you’ mode.

Gotta admit, I’m developing into a pretty good cleaner.

I did the truck with the dead battery in the shot below and all of the toilets and couple thousand square feet of carpet and before that the entire Clarion Alley road surface end to end and developed an unofficial daily trash route from my crib at 14th and Valencia on South to 17th.

The ‘shaved head like Yul Brynner’ look lasted couple months as a diversion but that’s 5 to 6 hours a month and an ‘Ego Tell’ I don’t need.

All signs point to my needing a new project and one road looms open.

The ‘Recall Breed’ project where I’ve done preliminary work.

When Prop H passes all of the work product of the hosses the Mayor has put into place will fall back on her for another year.

Unless Arntz allows the machines to be fixed, Progs could grab that office for first time in over 40 years.

I’ll go with that.

Right now I like Peskin or Boudin but that can change.

Jenkins will lose in that cycle too and Chiu can’t be far behind.

First thing any new Prog Mayor should do if it happens is fire Arntz.

Not a big deal.

Willie fired 3 of the directors there in 2 years til he got one who would secretly order an extra 2 or 3 million ballots.

Don’t ask, don’t ask.

On the Positive side, Brady used another wave of his magic wand and put one behind the Ram’s ear yesterday in the last ten seconds and can have his pick of younger Super Models.

I’m gonna pair my work dumping Breed with a resurrection of my old DOE file cause if you needed any proof that Arntz is an anti-democratic tool you only need to look at what he and London did thru Arnold Townsend and the Redistricting Committee.

Go Niners !!


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