Nature of God per my father, James Alexander Brown


Matt Gonzalez phoned me for my reaction when Chesa Boudin chose not to run in this year’s election for the remainder of his own term.

Got that chewed up and swallowed ??

So, I had thought it over and as my Testosterone level has continued to dive over the years I’ve mellowed out not just physically but between my ears.

I replied that I’d decided to not only allow Chesa Boudin to have Freedom of Choice but to allow all of the other People on Earth the same.

It was a big move.

Matt called cause I’ve always harassed him down to the last day to file many times for many offices.

I don’t feel that way anymore.

I’m gonna call it Wisdom from experience.

My first big loser was Adlai Stevenson in 1952 when I was 8.

My last was John Hamasaki.

What I realized watching the dog drag along like myself ‘past our Shelf Life’ …

I was up surrounded by green and a huge cow pasture and had to go crazy to find and file my vote in the rain by walking a mile and didn’t I feel like a pilgrim.

When Hamasaki lost I just kind of realized that I was enjoying going through the wreckage of this cycle and start looking toward next battle knowing we’ll be overmatched.

It was equal for me.!!

All I wanted was a good game.

Where had I heard that one before ??

From my pop about 50 years ago relaxing in the simple and worn canvas folding recliners in his front yard in the country.

We were talking about religion which we always did cause that was all he cared about without ever pushing his views on anyone but having and sharing them sometimes for twenty five dollars a week for years on end by way of a giant transmitter tower in Mexico where they could use all the power they wanted so there was pop on the air once a week for a few minutes in between the flying saucer conspiracy guys like Art whatshisname in the middle of the Arizona and Texas and New Mexico desert and he said people mailed him almost exactly enuff money to keep on the air.

So, he finally says (it’s football season) …

Pop on nature of God:

"I’ll put it in terms that you can understand."

This guy went to school I think he said a hundred days.

"Imagine that Life is a Super Bowl between Two Teams.

Good and Evil

All of the players on the field are crazy about winning.

The coaches on the sidelines both want to win.

The fans in the stands want to win.

But, God owns both teams.

And, he sits up in the Goodyear Blimp to watch.

And, all he wants …

is a good game."

Uh huh.

SF Politics is one Hell of a good game towatch.

As always I’ve gone from candidate and issue to the next, usually with a special project either construction like my apartment and Clarion Alley or running for office or this time it’s Recalling Breed and I want to finish that darn Petition when I get back from next week’s hang out with Henry …

The Recall Petition has a strong Clarion Alley finishing touches thing.

Two requests for Mayor to pave the alley and put a toilet at each end.

Go Niners !!


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