These people have never heard of ‘Hydro-Venturi’ and lost millions

Campers and Matt,

Couple decades ago Matt had SFBOS committee hearings on alternative energy sources for SF and one of the areas he probed was Tidal Power.

Had an outfit in called, ‘Hydro-Ventura’ as I recalled and the had a simple concept of dropping large concave concrete blocks connected together with tubes kinda lego like.

No moving parts.

No, ‘turbines for the tide to tear up’.

So, this set just sits in a ceep enuff channel sucking air from those surface tubes and the ventura affect turns the turbines driven by the air and produces electricity with Zero Emissions.

Give Gonzalez credit for giving this struggling company a chance to put one of those things under Golden Gate Bridge in our 350 foot deep trench which he’d have done …

Very pretty Mayor’s Office rep asks about the Scottish I think, company …

" Aren’t they in trouble ?
Does the City do business with bankrupt companies ? "

Man, she walked right into a big propellor blade on that one.

Ted Lakey, the dapper City Attorney replied:

" We’re dealing with PG&E. "

Which was, itself, in another mismanagement low maintenance fueled bankruptcy of its own at the time.

No one in the friggin world talks about Tidal Energy vis a vis the Ventura affect and I’m curious as shit as to why that is.

Go Niners !!


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