Standard get’s co-sign from Matt Smith to kill Open Source Voting


From Aaron Peskin too.

This morning’s Standard had a story following up a story a couple of days ago in which Jonah Owen Lamb stood in front of the DOE’s latest destroyed Open Source Voting program calling:

"Nothing to see here folks !!"

"No voting machines being fixed !!"

"Only a bit of racisms from these brown and yellow Elections Commissioners."

"They’ve all apologized now and agreed to keep the guy who lets the Dominion people ‘grease’ the SF machines as he said."

Standard managed to do both articles without saying/writing the words ‘Open Source’ a single time.

In the second piece last evening around 8pm they added Matt Smith’s name to the piece to give it some more credibility.

And, of course, they got Aaron Peskin to sign on as savior of the damsel.

Examiner’s credibility is hanging by a thread.

To their credit, the laid out the Open Source argument at the close of their coverage but that’s gotta be Gil Duran’s remaining vibes.

Well, at half past 6am on this Thursday morning as I anxiously await the Niners vs Seahawks in 11 hours I am coming to a dreadful conclusion.

Trump is probably right.

The last Presidential Election was probably fixed.

But, not in the Finals. (congrats to France gonna face Messi wowww!)

Naw, it was the Semi-Finals where I was supposed to believe that a surging Bernie Sanders suddenly lost to milk toast Joe Biden in twenty out of twenty two states ??

See how easy it is to start/continue a conspiracy theory ??

Best way to stop this one all across America ??

Give the entire country Open Source Voting Machines !!!

Oh, I’ll vote anyway.

I’ll do my one man billboard thing too when the next campaign comes around.

I’m a Hippie as I often say and I think that we are only required to do our parts and if others maddeningly (to you) don’t do their parts then your duty is to ??

Rock ON !!

"I see the girls walk by dressed in their Summer clothes …. "

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