Rain pounds after midnight and I watch it rush down my clean intersection drains at 14th and Valencia


Gonna pull a muscle patting myself on the back here.

I think we learned more about clearing storm drain covers last week.

I spent the week after the last deluge looking at trash in the gutter across the street.

There since trash sweeper Thursday morning.

That’s a busy intersection and the plastic bottles and plates gathered at points to trap leaves and a few limbs left a series of trash heaps that a good rain would surely wash down and clog our drains if I didn’t clear them.

Nobody else but me sitting here in this seat.

Kept waiting for the second deluge to come and make me regret my sloth.

Finally, this morning I went down early before Manny’s Disco Trash Pick-Up and got ten bags and talked to the man himself.

He took me back to get the bags and couldn’t find them and pulled about half of the entire North Wall closet contents out onto the floor and tables and the Volunteers would be here soon and we talked about Zionism and the Palestinians and his Public Service and what did I think he should do after this stint on the MTA where should he go next and had he talked much to Peskin who tried his hand at redesigning our Public Transit System twenty years or so ago and they handed him his ass and Aaron didn’t even vote for his own measure (A) … tho he did kill my Taxi Commission.

Found the bags and I came back here and did a complete circle of, first my 4 drains under my window at 14th and Valencia then wandered North and cleaned in front of the Russian Orthodox Church which had good turnout and Quaker School Across Street then up to Fred’s Liquor and up to my Chinese tailor’s place to get the Sunday Examiners …

Listened to Niners on radio and then waited for the rain feeling good about clean gutters.

Couple sprinkles.

Watched condensed game on tube with sound down and still no real rain.

Crashed now and then.

Been sleeping 12 hours a day since rain started on New Year’s eve.

Really needed the recharge.

Woke up around midnight and the rain had begun.

Nice heavy steady slow sheets turn the pavement into a glistening black sheen pelted by diamond raindrops setting a perfect backdrop to the massive yellow crosswalks cleansed and leaping at you with streaks of lime green bike lanes spicing nature’s dynamic painting strokes.

Damn, I like watching the rain.

Almost no traffic at half past one in the morning and I wonder if my camera works.

Tried to take pics of two guys I met at 4 Barrels who had taken DMT and camera said ‘no’,


Gotta figure out how to clear my 4,000 pics of phone



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