Supes outdo Republican Congress … take 17 Ballots to ‘Surprise’ ‘New BOS Prez’, Aaron Peskin


The Mayor declines to appear in person or even remotely to address the BOS in their Present Form.

Is this the way it’s gonna be?

Peskins says:

"I am remarkably unprepared …"

Then, goes into a long prepared speech about how he owes everything to the Indians both in San Francisco where he has his principle employment and in Nevada where he does somethingorother with the local Indian population.

Hmmm, I never thought of that one.

Married a German and a Japanese and a Turk and 3 Americans.

No Inidans !

I’m seeing quite a few Time Machine folks on my 54" plasma.

First time I’ve watched a gathering like this in a decade or more.

Jesus mother fucking Christ, they got old.

Except for Peskin.

Let me get the vote straight.

I tuned in as Angela Calvilo, our fab Clerk was calling the 17th round.

As luck would have it …


I’ve been to several of these from Ammiano in 200 and Gonzo in 2002 …

Took the broadcaster for the Fresno Grizzlies to one and it was like every other one and that is why this one was so different.

There is almost no audience today !!

Every other time I went the place was packed.

And, LOUD !!!

Has the Public in general lost interest in the BOS?

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