Can I publish this stuff ?


I’ll publish the whole thing cause you and I are interesting as a mother fucker.

I still use ‘Sailor Talk’ to keep it alive for the kids.

Least I can do and I always do the least I can do as used to say at Fire house.

I ended up married 6 times along the way and I have the receipts.

I’m more knowledgeable than ever now and even a bit more humble.

I’m banned from every single SF publication’s chat functions cept for ‘Mission Local’.

I think you’re ready to immerse yourself into some of these 4 hour viewings of Rogan or Lex talking to Zuckerberg and Musk and MIT biologists and chemists as Lex works on his robotics and Rogan with his Hundred Million contract …

"Now I have, ‘Fuck You!’ money." Rogan says.

I’m going back and watching these You Tube historical profiles of the likes of Nietsche and Dostoevski and shit like that.

Being 78 here during a Pandemic is kinda like being gifted time and provisions and an endless library w/a 54" plasma.

I’m loving it but shouldn’t say that.

Encourages incoming fire.



On Tue, Jan 24, 2023 at 8:27 PM Bill Teague <whteague> wrote:

? … what stuff?

Billy, (you prefer ‘Bill’ ?)

I go by Bill these days up N/W Missouri where I hang my hat now in my 6th going on how many incarnations? .. ;).. but Billy’s fine. My campout buddies use one or the other. I mean I told people when I was a kid that I had FIVE names … Bill, Billy, William, Howard Teague .. šŸ˜‰ .. and I’ve managed to use ’em all along the way. Even ran with Will-I-Am for a minute out in Colorado during my extended fevered insanity with alien-abductee-girl

Here’s a short conversation between Lex whose own site is my favorite and Rogan.

I’ll check it out. I see Rogan clips some floating around

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