So far, you’ve been right about Ukraine

Hey h. I don’t enjoy being right about this one. I’m surprised we and many European nations have been so willing to help arm the Ukrainians. However, it appears that the sanctions aren’t hurting the Russians as much as we thought they might. While I don’t think the Russians will keep at it for ten years as they did in Afghanistan, if there is a negotiated peace, the Russians will come away with more Ukrainian territory in the short run. In the long run, I still think they will be back at it — at least as long as Putin is in power. Spiro

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> On Feb 3, 2023, at 5:14 PM, h brown wrote: >
> Campers,
> Meet Spiro Athenas, QB of my old high school (McKinley of St. Louis) and fine artist and finer thinker of all things. >
> Spiro predicted a year or so back that the war in Ukraine would end up being a kind of trench warfare like WWI and the Russians would wear the Ukrainians out with numbers and artillery as they did in Chechnya and Syria. >
> What are your thoughts at this point, Spiro two weeks from a year of shooting ?? >
> h.

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