Jack Davis and Randy Shaw tonight’s Manny surprise for Dawg


The old guy in the picture is me.

The other guy is Jack Davis and he made 4 (count em) San Francisco mayors.

Jack’s the most successful Political Consultant in the history of SF politics.

Like myself, he heard voices rising in the City fighting over Homelessness and, also like myself, he just loves a good San Francisco brawl.

Not at Manny’s.

He runs a peaceful place and even old war horses like Jack and I like it now.

Too old to dodge a folding chair.

Guest for tonight’s show was Randy Shaw, whose own career kind of reminds me of our past Sheriff, Mike Hennessey who began working as a young lawyer and ended up running the place and there are books between those guys and Shaw’s already written six of them.

You can catch Randy and his work at the Tenderloin Neighborhood Museum which he also founded and I project I watched him work on for twenty years and couldn’t believe he really made it happen.

Randy is founder and CEO of Tenderloin Housing Clinic which has a Legal and well known Housing element.

I think he said something like 1,600 when I asked how many units he has now.

Conversation was on ‘History of SF Homelessness’ and Shaw says that in the years since he got out of Hastings Law School just before our Vice President …

Best mayor for addressing Homelessness in Randy’s view ?

Art Agnos.

That kinda surprised me but pencils with my experience here too.

Jack, whom I slid over a folding chair to sit next to for last of thing was Consultant for Police Chief Frank Jordan and sent Art on to rise to leadership of HUD’s local branch and Frank became Mayor til he pissed Davis off and Jack brought in a new boy.

These events are great for geezers like Jack and I who kinda remember some of it and it’s always best to get an eye witness account although if itnvolves politics and years have passed you can’t believe a word I say.

I can’t speak for others but often try.

Nuff, anyway those are pics of Randy Shaw and Jack Davis, SF Power Elite.

Go Niners1


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