SFDPW Street Sweeper goes home nearly empty in Mission ??!!??


I know, I know, where’s the video or at least photos ?

Well, I’m thanking Manny Yekutiel cause it is thru his efforts that the half mile circle of streets and gutters stretching from his Community Meeting Room …

Is, sometimes mother fucking cleeeaaannn !!!

Sure is this morning.

I was wondering when I looked out the window this morning and seen the parking all cleared for the sweeper if they’d already been by.

Of course they had !!

There was only, like, one paper cup in the curb for whole block and all four corners at 14th and Valencia.

Went back to answering correspondence from Matt with Frank Gallagher and Angela and Matt on their court trials and Luke Thomas came by other nite and frowned at my place which resembles Maude’s in the movie.


I’m having a good Thursday and another old friend is a Manny’s tonite.

Sam Dodge who brought the Navigation Center idea from NYC where he did a Road Tour that always leads back to the Tenderloin.

Right, Sam ?

When I met Sam he was workout for (running) Randy’s outlet …

forgot the friggin’ name

I went down to get a phone (I’ve always been hovering just barely housed – thanks to Don Falk who is doing some consulting with Randy now) …

I was doing paperwork with Sam and couldn’t help from scratching.

"You OK." he said.

"My building has bedbugs." I explained.

He didn’t even flinch, just sad kinda nonchalantly …

"Yeah, we do too here."

Old gang of mine.

Or, should I say … "Ours"

Go Niners !


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