Fox News stock holder Rep. Dan Goldman steps on own dick !!


Digging watching the twists and turns of politicians and newscasters before my very mother fucking eyes again this morning.


Rep. Dan Goldman of New York had just spent a bunch of time slandering Matt Taibbi and closed with:

"Isn’t that right and that’s a ‘yes’ ‘no’ question ?!?"

Taibbi basically replied:

"If you want a ‘yes’ ‘no’ answer, ask a ‘yes’ ‘no’ question" and begun to explain why it was impossible to answer thataway given the pile of shit loaded into it.

Goldman frantically interrupted …

"Mr. Chairman, I reclaim my time !!!"

To which Taibbii added …

"That’s right, give him some more rope to hang himself with."

Go Niners !!


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