Mayor couldn’t even get UN Plaza safe for her 5 minute talk


That was Breed when she said that she couldn’t continue because of the noise in the Plaza.

She was standing two feet from him and they both had mikes and amps.

It is unbelievable to me that the Mayor could have the nerve to get back into City Hall and complain about no one taking care of the crowd at UN Plaza.

It’s her fucking job to do that !!!

She’s going on in the Chambers about how the cops and other City workers don’t get respect.

She and Peskin are standing there in Clown suits asking where all the god damned Clowns came from.

She just said that it was bad that drugs are available in the jail houses when her own brother was busted for selling drugs in prison where he’s doing time for throwing his girlfriend out of his getaway car on Golden Gate Bridge.

How’d we get a Mayor like this ?

Maybe not having Open Source vote counting machines helped.

Looks like Full audience for Full Board today …

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